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What Types Of Battery My Vehicle Needs?

Automotive batteries belong to the group of rechargeable batteries, and they supply a motor vehicle with an electrical current. Feeding the starter with power starts the engine.  You can use our battery finder section to determine what type of battery suits best for your needs!

What is Deep Cycle battery?

A deep cycle batteries are designed to provide a steady flow and amount of electrical current over a long period of time. These types of batteries can provide a surge of power when needed, but not quite like a car battery can. The main advantage of deep cycle batteries is that they can be deeply discharged for long period of time, over and over again. For this to be accomplished, a deep battery must use thicker plates.

Starting ( SLI – Starting, Lighting and Ignition ) batteries and their applications

These kinds of batteries are mainly used in automobiles. They are lead-acid and rechargeable type of battery, and their plates are made up of lead and lead dioxide. SLI means starting, lighting, and ignition, and they are named by the processes which are all consuming energy that is supplied by the car’s battery. They deliver quick, short burst of power to get the engine start and all systems running. When the engine starts running, and while it’s working, the alternator takes over the job of powering the electricals.

What are Starting And Deep Cycle batteries ( Dual Purpose batteries ) ?

Dual purpose batteries are basically doing a work of two batteries. They are combination of the traditional Starting battery ( SLI ) and Deep Cycle battery. As we mentioned before, when the engine on a car fires, the motor turns on the alternator which main work is to charge the electrical system of the vehicle, as well to recharge the battery for next start. But if you are having a boat with a gas or diesel engine, which also requires high amperage to start the motor, but they are not having a suitable charging capability, then, dual purpose battery comes in handy.

They are offering the amount of amps to start a car or a boat, but also having a capability of deep cycle. By doing this, they can operate for an extended amount of time, while offering a low amp electricity, but without having to use an on-board charging system. A common usage and application of these kind of batteries are inside the cars and trucks that are having a lot of accessories that need electricity, or some more advanced electronic system that is being used after the car of truck is turned off.

Battery Applications:

Most common usage of SLI ( Starting, Lighting and Ignition ) batteries are in vast majority of cars and trucks with internal combustion engines. Hybrid vehicles are using Lithium-Ion batteries because they can be rapidly recharged, and they are small and compact in size.

Deep Cycle Batteries are used for Medium Heavy Trucks, Boats, Commercial Farm Machines, and Golf Carts. They have longer, sustained use, and they can be deeply discharged for long period of time.

A VRLA batteries ( Valve-Regulated Lead Acid Battery ) have their common usage in Motorcycles, Lawn and Garden machines, and All-Terrain vehicles. Their benefits comes in forms of maintenance-free, longer battery life and little chance of spillage.