The new OneWheel Pint brings great value for money in a small, but powerful, package! With a top speed of 26kmh and a range of up to 13km it’ll crush your commute no problem. The reduced size and weight, as well as the convenient carry handle, makes it very portable once you reach your destination. You can also hook your board up to the mobile app to get data on your riding, change ride modes, and hook up with other Onewheel riders.

Onewheel Pint



Product Specifications


750W Hypercore hub motor


Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (NMC) 148Wh 63V

Recharge Time

120 mins

Typical Range

6-8 MI / 10-13 KM

Top Speed

16MPH / 26KMH

Max Lean Angle

>30 degrees


23LB / 10.5KG

Weight Limit

250lb (~114kg)


8.75×10.5×27 (IN) / 22.2×26.6×68.9 (CM)

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